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Tasting Room Menu

Offering the finest selection of European import sausages, cheeses, spreads, olives, charcuterie boards, breads, fresh wraps, salads and more.

Hermannhofs Winemaker, Paul LeRoy, suggests pairing some of our
award-winning wines with our deli selections.


Chicken Salad Wrap with Vignoles


Grilled Brie with White Lady


Capicola Flatbread with Chamourcin


Roasted Grape Flatbread with Norton


Giant Pretzel & Beer Cheese with Germantown


Pretzel Charcuterie with Chambourcin


Classic Charcuterie with Chardonel


Feisty Feta Dip with Vidal

Hermannhof Winery Deli Menu

Build Your Own Charcuterie

CLASSIC: Choose 1 Bread, 2 Meats, 2 Cheeses, 1 Spreads, Olives, Fruit or Nuts $23.99

 DELUXE: Choose 2 Breads, 3 Meats, 3 Cheeses, 2 Spreads, Olives, Fruit or Nuts $27.99


French Bread,

Naan Bread


Ham Prosciutto Speck,

Dry Salami Toscano,

Capicola, and Truffle Pate



Smoked Gouda,

Dubliner Cheddar Cheese


Whole Grain Mustard, Honey Mustard

Sun Dried Tomato Tapenade,

Apricot Jam, Hot Honey,

Fiesta Feta

Fruits & Olives

Grapes-Strawberries & Apples,

Bada Bing Cherries,

Greek Olive Mix,



Served with Chips

Chicken Salad Wrap $7.99
Cucumber Wrap with Fire Roasted Chicken Salad Feisty Feta Spread and Mixed Greens

Brie and Dubliner Grilled Cheese with Apricot Spread on Sourdough $9.99
Grilled Sourdough with Brie Cheese, Dubliner Cheese and Sweet Apricot Spread

Cheddar Bratwurst with Pretzel Bun $6.99
Grilled Cheddar Bratwurst on a Bavarian Pretzel Bun and Whole Grain Mustard

Hermannhof Brat $6.99
Delicious Grilled Locally Made Bratwurst

Flatbread Pizzas

Capicola & Olives $10.99
Artisan Flatbread Topped with Capicola Ham, Fresh Mozzarella, Olive Tapenade & Fresh Oregano

Roasted Red Grape, Brie and Rosemary $9.99
Artisan Flatbread Topped with Roasted Red Grapes, Brie Cheese, Balsamic Glaze & Fresh Rosemary

Chicken, Kale and Sundried Tomato 
Artisan Flatbread Topped with Sundried Tomato Tapenade, Roasted Chicken, Kale, Mozzarella & Fresh Basil

Pretzel Charcuterie $29.99

Giant Soft Pretzel Piled with Toscana Salami, Italian Prosciutto, Smoked Gouda, Brie, Grapes, Apples, Seasonal Berries, Walnuts, Whole Grain Mustard, Hot Honey

Salads & Shareables

Chicken Salad $8.99
Chicken Salad on Fresh Greens with French Bread

Kale Mac and Cheese Salad $7.99
Kale, Trottole Pasta, Feta, Parmesan, Sundried Tomatoes. Garlic & Basil

Pretzel with Cheese Sauce $11.99
14 oz Large Soft Pretzel with Beer Cheese Sauce

Feisty Feta Dip with Naan Bread $5.99
Feta, Green Pepper, Onion & Spices with Toasted Naan Bread

Dry White

CHARDONEL | $22.99

Chardonel grapes are a cross of  Chardonnay and Seyval, with the famous Dry Chardonnay characters yet able to thrive in our extreme climate. The wine is rich and full-bodied, with ripe characters of apple and pineapple on the nose which linger throughout the long, full finish.


(Limited reserve bottling)
Sur lie aged over two years. Big, rich, and full-bodied with complex tropical characters, followed by a long, full finish.

VIDAL BLANC | $16.99

Well balanced and bursting with fruit. A nice complement to seafood.

Dry Rosé


A delightful dry rosé wine with attractive fruity and floral notes.

Dry Red

NORTON | $24.99

Dark ruby-red with flavors of berries, brown spice, and black fruits, along with notes of earth and smoky vanilla oak.


Ruby-red wih notes of Cola, & Black Cherry upfront. Smooth on the palate, with Dark Fruits, and earth on the finish.

Semi-Dry White


Made in the style'of a fine German Riesling, White Lady is our perennial bestseller. Bright citrus, green apple, and spice characteristics predominate.

Fruit/Fruit Blends


A semi-dry crisp and refreshing wine, with bright raspberry notes and a lively finish.

CHERRY WINE | $12.99

Nice bouquet and made from real cherry juice. Sweet and tart, like picking cherries from a tree. Great with chocolate or any dessert. Mix with sparkling juice for a wine spritzer.

Sweet Wine

VIGNOLES | $21.99

The first two-time winner of the "Best New World White Wine" award, our Vignoles is deeply aromatic, with citrus and apricot flavors and a long, lingering finish.


Produced by blending Native American Labrusca and European Hybrid grapes. Medium sweet with grapey flavors.

Sweet Red


An old-fashioned red wine made from sturdy Concord grapes. European hybrids add crisp, fruity notes to balance the blend.



Naturally sweet sparkling white juice made from ripe Niagara grapes. Non-alcoholic.



Produced using estate-grown Vidal grapes and fermented in the traditional "methode champenoise" bottle fermentation. Crisp and medium-dry, with hints of citrus and minerals and a fine finesse of bubbles. (Not available for sampling.)

Dessert Wine

PORT | $29.99

Made in the tradition of a fine Porto. Our Port is made from the finest Norton grapes. Fortified with aged grape brandy. Silky smooth with a long, full finish. (Additional $2.00 sampling fee.)