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Little Mountain vineyard was planted in 1837 by Julius Ruediger-a famous wine grower of his day.  His original stone and log vintner's cabin remains unchanged with rows of vines radiating from its source.  This site has one  of the highest, if not the highest, elevations and vertical drops along the Missouri River. Hermannhof's Ruediger or upper vineyard is located on the high bluffs at the confluence of the Gasconade and Missouri Rivers.  The vines are protected from night frosts due to the two rivers, the mist from the river keeping frost away from the grapes.  The morning mists rising from the rivers supply warmth and humidity which is often important.  Due to the elevated area of the bluffs and the rivers, this vineyard can produce temperature variances of as much as 25 degrees F. from the surrounding valleys and plain.  The soil is Menfro, which is well drained and has a high water capacity.  This upper vineyard has deep soils providing root penetration deep within the earth, producing wines which age better than wine made from vines grown in the valleys or in light soil. 

The incline of these high slopes enable the grapes to utilize the full power of the sun, producing wines of full fruit and maturity which are a delight to viticulturist and connoisseur alike.

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